With card games like rummy being available as mobile applications, gaming has found a whole new meaning. You can now play, hone your personal skills and attributes, and make some extra money at the side at the same time.

More and more people are now trying out the online rummy version for these very reasons. The game appeals to people of all ages. So, if you want to try out a rummy app, download one from the app store and keep yourselves entertained. This article gives you 5 tips which you can use to win big and win more money with the rummy mobile app.

How to win big with the rummy mobile app

  • Play cash rummy

One of the best and easiest ways to earn money with the rummy app download is by playing cash rummy games. In cash rummy games, you deposit a certain amount of money, choose a game and table of your choice, and win on the basis of your skills and strategies. The better you are with your mental agility and calculations, the higher are the chances of you winning more money from your opponents’ losses.

  • Join rummy tournaments

Tournaments, or tourneys, are a great way to win a lot of cash and rewards. During tournaments, you can join several tables and matches and make extra money from your victories. You can join either Free Roll Tourneys or Cash Tourneys, based on your preference. The former doesn’t require any entry fee apart from an initial deposit. The latter requires you to pay an entry fee every time you want to join a new table. However, the competition in Free Roll tourneys is way more than Cash tourneys, due to heavy participation in the former.

  • Bonus promotions and Rewards

The rummy apps also give you the option to win a number of different bonuses and rewards. All of these rewards and bonuses are deposited as cash amounts in your bank account. You can win cash up to a total of Rs. 500) and more with bonuses like WELCOME, TOP-UP bonus, SUNDAY PASSION, and REFER A FRIEND bonus.

  • Practice on Free Play and hone your skills

In order to win at the different cash rummy games and rummy tournaments, you need to practice and hone your rummy skills. Practice on Free Play as often as you can so that you are prepared for cash rummy games.

  • Develop strategies

You should know and be ready with different strategies for different circumstances. You should know when and how to use the joker card, how to see through the bluff of your opponents, which cards to pick up from the open deck, and when to drop the game to avoid maximum losses. These strategies will help you improve your game, and thus increase your chances of winning the maximum amount of money.


To summarize, you can win a considerable amount of extra cash by playing rummy through the online rummy app. Follow the above-mentioned tips, and maximize your chances to win it big on the rummy app.

To try out online rummy, download the RummyPassion app for an amazing gaming experience.

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